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5 Easy, Efficient and Executable Tips on How to Get A Man

Attracting a guy might be challenging at times, particularly if you aim to attract a specific type of men. Doing everything the old-fashioned way is difficult since you are facing the guy you potentially like, you talk to him and do everything else in real life, with no chatting or other online dating activities. Each guy is different, but there is one sure thing to know about them – being yourself is the key to their hearts. Here are five tips to help you get a man – not any man, but the one for you!

1. Smile, smile, smile!

Smiling can do much more than you are actually expecting since it encourages men to approach you. If they do not feel confident that you really want them to approach you, they will never make the next move, so the chances of getting the one for you are falling down considerably. Taking the initiative to smile to the man you potentially like will determine him to feel confident and make the next move. And who knows what comes next?

2. Stick to the “crew of two”

To have a guy approaching you, it is absolutely necessary to have only one wing woman beside you – in other words, to be the “crew of two.” Guys are usually terrified to approach big group of girls even though they like one of them, and hanging out with another guys might determine them not to make a move. Men’s worst nightmare is approaching a girl and learning that the guy standing next to her is actually her boyfriend.

3. Like attracts like

The popular Law of Attraction is applicable when it comes to attracting men, too – like attracts like, so being a fun and exciting person will invariably attract guys who are also fun and exciting. Having the a frown and appearing miserable all night will only attract creepers – you know, those guys who keep saying “I bet I can make you smile, girl.” Have fun, and you will definitely be approached by quality’ men.

4. Be easy to approach, but hard to obtain

Being a hard-to-get person will surely attract all guys around you. Even though you take the initiative to smile to the man you like and he comes over to approach you, you still have to be a challenge for him. We are not talking about being difficult to understand, but about being hard to obtain. Be playful, tease him, make him work hard for it. He will become thrilled about you and he will desire to make you fall in love with him while he is doing the same thing unconsciously.

5. Create the “mimetic desire”

When a guy sees other guy flirting with you, his testosterone pumps up and he starts telling himself: “Why is he flirting with that girl? Because she seems nice, she really is into whatever she is doing, and she is kind of sweet. It is obvious, he likes her, so she is likeable!” So, if you talk to another guy without having any intentions, other guys will consider you flirtation-worthy, so you get better chances of attracting and getting the man you really like.

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