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7 Things That A Man Wants From You In Order To Capture His Heart

Men are very simple and `easy to read’ unlike women who remain entangled in their own complex web of thoughts and imaginations throughout their lives. Also, generalization of common traits is much easier when it comes to men because almost all of them have some common ground when it comes to appreciating and liking a woman. But still most of the women complain that their men are never happy or satisfied with whatever they do. So don’t you want to know the secret of claiming monopoly over a man’s heart for a lifetime so that you can be the perfect lover for your man? In order to be seen as a potential dating partner a woman needs to have some simple qualities which are the bare expectations of most of the men who think with their brains! Read on to discover the seven things that men want from women.

A girl who’s passionate for her career will be appreciated

Although men have the natural instinct to protect and provide for their mate, but the educated man appreciates it a lot when the woman has her own career and life. Self Dependency is a something which almost all men wish to have in their partner. It makes them respect their partner more. Also, a woman who has her own life is more likely to give sufficient space to her man in the relationship. This is always appreciated by men.

You need to maintain the minimum hygiene standards at least

Men don’t like to clean themselves and they are often quite messy. But good hygiene and cleanliness is something which naturally attracts a man towards a woman. A woman who pays attention that her hair, nails etc are clean is more likely to impress a man on her first meeting than an un-groomed woman.

A man desires a girl who has the ability to make his mood

A man really appreciates it when her woman knows how to transform his grumbling into a smile. The best comes out of a relationship when a woman knows how to make her man happy when he is sad or tensed. It doesn’t matter whether you use or sexual prowess or your humor to lighten his mood, but you should be able to cheer him up during tough times.

Early sex can deter a lot of serious guys from truly loving you

No man would argue on this for sure. Every single man on this earth, no matter how big a cheater he himself is, wants that his woman should be of good character. You need not be a virgin to find extract true love out of a man, but you should be of strong character who doesn’t agree to sleep with him after just a handful of dates. Delaying sex until the development of a meaningful relationship always leaves a strong and everlasting impression on a man’s heart.

A man will love it if you have a kind, gentle and good heart

If you will ask a man to define the word woman, then he will instantly blurt out words like `soft’ and `gentle’. It comes naturally to man to fall for a woman who is really good hearted, kind, warm, humane and gentle. A woman who respects others, creates happy atmosphere around her, helps other and speaks softly automatically becomes desirable to a man. You should be caring and nurturing like his `MOM’ sometimes.

Most of the men agree that the women shouldn’t be `Glue stick’

Although undivided attention and care are the things that men always appreciate, but they really hate it when their partners become too clingy on them. You don’t have to expect from him that he would entertain you on every weekend. You need to give him space to enjoy his own life `without you’ sometimes. Trust your man and don’t keep calling him frequently to check on him. A woman who gives space and trusts her man is the `perfect partner’ from the men’s perspective.

The dream woman must have oodles of dignity and `confidence’

Men are not good at judging personalities. They just seem to be driven towards confident and dignified women naturally. Even though sometimes men love to see some `insecurity’ in their women, but eventually they get bowled over by the woman’s confidence. You should be confident in public gatherings as well as in bed in order to keep a man hooked to you.

Let’s face it, the real reason it’s so hard to understand men is because they are so simple minded.  That’s not a knock on them, it’s just the truth.  Women like to process a lot of information to get the complete picture of what’s going on.  Men provide very little of the information to get the big picture.  The good news is there is a lot of good books and videos that tell you exactly what most men want.  Once you have that information and use it to your advantage, you will become the woman of his dreams.  If you are ready to learn more about what men want, checkout this easy to understand guide.

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