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8 Magical Ways That Can Be Used To Claim An Estranged Lover’s Heart Once Again

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8 Magical Ways That Can Be Used To Claim An Estranged Lover’s Heart Once Again written

A relationship is all about memories at the end. It has been truly said that `love doesn’t end ever’; it’s just that one of the partners stops feeling it because the relationship’s bad memories take a toll over the good ones. The bad memories make a loving partner drift apart from you despite all your pleading, begging and requests for reconciliation. But it is not at all impossible to rekindle the feeling of love in your man’s heart even after you both have broken up. If you need to make your man’s heart swoon over you once again then you need to arouse the los feelings of passion, jealousy, love, sexual tension, attraction and warmth once again. That can be done by following these eight magical tips that have been discussed here.

Work on the core issues of your relationship

If you really want to win over your man then you need to have the self realization of your own mistakes that irked him. You must try to figure out those things which depressed your partner which led to the break up. Dealing with the core issues of the relationship and sorting them out will help you in encouraging your partner to patch up with you as your apology would look meaningful.

Pay special attention to personal grooming

Igniting the lost attraction between both of you is truly essential if you want to get your man back to you. You should pay special attention to your grooming, dressing, hairstyle etc. You can even change your wardrobe to include vibrant, classy and stylish dresses. If you will look gorgeous then your man will probably realize what he has lost by not reconciling with you.

Choose common hangouts to show off your vibrancy

A vibrant and cheerful personality must be maintained in order to make a man feel astonished and impressed. If you will be a `cry baby’ after breakup in front of him then probably you’ll look like an `emotional sucker’ to your ex who would run away even more from you. To showcase your cheerful self you can hangout at some common place which your ex also frequents.

Laugh more and have a gala time in front of him

Believe it or not, no matter how much your ex hates you, he is going to feel very jealous and hurt if he will see you enjoying with your buddies after you’ve broke up. He would feel jealousy pangs because he will feel sorry for himself that how come he wasn’t so important that he could make you cry after breakup. This would make him long for your company even more.

Pick a dress to flaunt what he used to like on you

Every lover has some special kind of affection and attraction for some part of his girlfriend’s body. It could be your legs, bosom, eyes, nose, lips, décolletage or anything. So, just pick out a dress smartly that perfectly highlights that body part of you which always made him go week in the knees. Flaunt your asset to play an eye tease for your man in order to make him crave for you once again, thus rekindling the romance.

Do harmless classy flirting with guys in front of your ex

Making your ex jealous over you is extremely essential if you want him back in your life. A man instinctively tries to `own’ his woman and he hates it when some other male peruses her. So, bring out the hidden possessiveness in your man by randomly flirting lightly with other boys in front of him. This will give him the `red signal’ that he needs to do something fast for bringing you back or else he will lose you.

Be courageous to pick a conversation for addressing the issue

Now that you have ignited all the required feelings in his heart you can take your chance by initiating a conversation with that guy. Although by doing all the above things it is highly unlikely that he would not try to talk to you, but if he doesn’t then you should never hesitate in taking the move. While trying to pick up a conversation with your ex you should never forget the biggest rule i.e. `Never Be Too Clingy with Him’. During the conversation convey your feelings that you still miss him. If you man loves you then he will definitely come back to you.

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