How to get a man to commit – A few tips you can learn

Not a lot of women know this, but most men who are afraid to commit are afraid that he will be stuck in “something” that will not eventually last. Men have the fear of uncertainty of either the woman will reject them or their woman has no plans of staying with them forever. As a result, most men would simply “put it off” rather than try, and some do avoid facing such fear if they can.

However, there are a few things that you can do so your man will finally step-up and commit to your relationship. If you are asking the question “how to get a man to commit?”, then below are a few tips:

Some would recommend that you change yourself so you will become the woman that he always wanted. There is a better solution, find a man that has similar traits and personality with you. This way you will have a better understanding of how he “work” since you can reflect on yourself. By doing so, not only will your man think that you are the woman he is looking for, and you do not have to change yourself in the process.


Most emotionally adjusted men avoid going to a relationship with a woman that has self-esteem and insecurity problems. Baby sitting a women’s self-esteem is a demanding task. Men prefer a woman that is great, and she knows about it, a woman with high self-respect and confident. A woman who have these qualities will make a well-adjusted man feel that he can be himself around her. As time passes, your man will feel a deeper connection with you, and he would even open the subject of commitment by himself.

Pressuring someone will rarely work out for the good in the long run, and this applies to your man. If you keep pressuring him, then two things will happen. He will eventually decide not to commit because of your pressuring attitude or he will commit because he is afraid to lose you. However, when that fear diminishes, he will simply return to his doubting nature before you started pressuring him. A better solution is to give him space. He will realize that you are not a controlling woman and will realize how awesome you are and will make him commit faster.


You must understand that most men do not want to be pressured. If a man is driven, its because he wants to be driven in the first place and no one is pressuring him. However, a man does need a woman that can understand him. Criticizing and arguing with him about his non-committing nature simply will get you nowhere or it will get you desirable results on the short term. If you hold your judgment and avoid criticizing him, then your man will think that you really “get” him. As a result, your man would eventually start thinking that you might be the “one” for him.

A lot of women are asking the question “how to get a man to commit?”. If you are one of these women, then hopefully after reading this article you will have a few ideas on how you can accomplish such goal.

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