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How To Win A Man Back

All of us have encountered rough moments in our relationships where things go horribly wrong. Though there a multitude of reasons why your loved one can leave you, the good news is that trying to win them back is a much stricter game that requires a few infallible steps. Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to know how to win a man back:

1. Give him time
No matter what words you say to him, nothing is as convincing or definitive of a factor as time. Allow time for him to go off on his own and do whatever it is he has to do (even if that means going out with his friends in pursuit of other women!). The more you try to urge him, the less he will pay attention to you.

2. Listen
Men rarely have the occassion to open up to people as much as women do, so it’s crucial to be the listener. If you want to win him back, you’re going to have to listen to what he has to say (which may be a lot!). If he opens up about his feelings, treasure the moment. Don’t maintain defensive and attempt to correct what he says; if he notices that you are listening to him, he is more likely to keep his eye on you.

3. Don’t chase after him
Don’t be dragging yourself through mud! At first glance, chasing after your guy may appear as a form of affection, but it’s really just obsessiveness disguised. It’s easy to fall apart and text mutual friends to know what he’s up to, but don’t do it. Don’t blow up his phone either; your man will want to do things on his own for a while before coming to terms with the reality of his relationship.

4. Don’t take revenge
If you find out he’s doing things you’re not happy about, don’t retaliate, as it will just escalate the situation. Think about this: when two people truly care for each other, harming the other is just an act of harming oneself! If you don’t like something he has said or done, the two of you can come to a mature agreement after all the heat has been cooled.

5. Stand your ground
When men leave their partners, many end up looking at themselves for errors, blaming themselves completely for the breakup or fallout. While you may have made mistakes, don’t start doubting who you are. Most importantly, refrain from trying to transform yourself into another in hopes to win your man back; fake personalities and emotions never attracts the right kind of people. Keep your principles in check and your mind straight. If he comes back, he’ll do so with the image of who you really are in mind.

6. Admit
If you’ve made mistakes, hang up your pride and surrender! Sure, he may have done some things as well, but putting forth your mistakes needs to be done before you start pointing fingers. Apologize for any pain or damage you’ve caused, and show that you have learned and matured from it all.

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