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Save My Relationship

You and your boyfriend called it quits, but now you must be dying to bring him back in your life. There are situations when we lose it all and decide to part ways due to impulsiveness. But, later we realize the depth of love and care we feel for another.


Although break-ups are supposed to difficult, often times it doesn’t mean that your relationship is completely over. There are many things that you can do to rectify the mistake and remove the spark in your relationship. Every relationship goes through a grey patch, but those who overcome them are literally meant to be with each other forever. Of course nothing is guaranteed, but the below given tips will help you identify and act upon things that might make him feel interested in you more than ever.


Tips To Get Back Your Man


1. Do You Really Want It Back?


First of all, identify if you are really ready to get him back in your life. Would you be able to go through same rough patches you earlier had in your relationship? If he was not treating you well, would you be able to cope up with that after patching up again? You will need to prepare your mind and accept everything completely if you really want to get back into his life.


2. Recover Entirely


The next step is to recover entirely. Spend some “me” time and groom yourself for better. You must have spent enormous amount of time crying and sleepless nights. Your face might be reflecting sense of sadness or you may have put on some weight due to stress eating, In either case, you should first work out on yourself. Stay happy by investing your time in activities that make your happy.


3. Approach Him And Talk To Him


He must be your colleague, neighbor or a classmate. Chances are that you might see him once or twice a day and it should not be wasted just gazing. Talk to him whenever you see him or simply smile. This will pass on some positive vibes and he will start feeling comfortable with you being around.


4. Flirt Some


It is highly advised to show him your fun side. Flirt with him up to a limit. Do not indulge in double meaning talks. Just a healthy flirting should do the trick. The idea is to make him comfortable about having fun with you again. Men are likely to get drawn to women who make them feel comfortable, even after worst of situations.


5. Revive Good Old Memories


Try to make him remember about good times you spent together. Ask him out on a date again and take him to his favorite eating place. Wear or carry at least one gift he gave you while you were in a relationship. Ask him to wear a specific color combination and surprise him with something that he likes on you. Such things will definitely leave him thinking.


6. Be Carefree


Young couples often get into relationship because of the compatibility they share while being friends. The fun and compatibility get replaced with insecurities and bossy feelings, which often result in men losing interest. It is advised to show him the old fun girl he fell in love with. He will definitely like to see you in this avatar.


Apart from following these tips to get back your man, make sure you don’t act or sound desperate. He should not feel burdened while talking to you. Give him his free space and let him make the move once you are done with telling him that you want him back. If he loves you, definitely he won’t be able to stay without you for long.

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