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Think Outside The Box To Win Back Your Ex

For whatever reason you broke up and you realize that you really would like to have a committed relationship with your ex. There is a lot of relationship advice out there about how to get your ex back. One of the best is the Text Your Ex Back. I know it sounds crazy. How can texting help you get back your ex? The concept works because it give you the ability to communicate when the lines of communication may be strained or each conversation ends in an argument. The messages are designed to get specific responses from your ex. that help you mend and strengthen your relationship. A lot of times we ask questions that don’t help make the relationship better like “Why don’t you love me”. That type of question will only reinforce that your ex doesn’t love you or generate a response that will only hurt your feelings. Remember the goal is to move the relationship forward and put it on stronger footing so that breaking up is the last thing on your ex’s mind. If you are truly interested in getting back your ex, click here. If you need more information please checkout the detail review, below.

The “Text Your Ex Back” system is a guide purposely designed to mend broken-hearts, or broken relationships via simple SMS messages. Fiore believes that regardless of the damage to your relationship, even if your love object has ignored your calls, a prudently composed SMS message delivered at the right moment can revive the romance and bring back the spark into a broken relationship.


The TYEB program is a complete 8-week plan that is separated into 11 diverse modules that incorporates private-membership areas that can be watched, listened to, and read. Within this membership area there is an interactive section where questions can be asked from various members of the program. Inside the membership zone there are “100 Ready-To-Text-Messages” to download that can be utilized to devise custom-made ex-back messages. Other features include:

-Privileged community zone where one can interact with other members
-More than 8-hours of videos and audios
-Extra bonus interviews with well-known relationship professionals
-100% money back guarantee

The most interesting thing about TYEB is the step-by-step instruction. The 11-modules teach every single step that has anything to do with reviving a relationship starting from the cause of the breakup to dating that same person again. Here is a short review of those 11-modules:

1st Module
This module is the introduction and explains who will and who won’t benefit from the program.

2nd Module-
The Dumper-and-the-Dumped talks about the causes of the breakup and explains what might be “going on” in the ex’s mind concerning the past relationship.

3rd Module
The “Big Goal” goes on about why you should get their ex back.

4th Module
The “Flight Check” module focuses on several important points that must be adhered to prior to applying the “Text Your Ex Back” system.

5th Module
The “Text Judo” module is considered the most crucial module of the whole program. Here the individual learns how to “implement” the actual plan laid out in the program.

6th Module
The “Across the Bow” module teaches which texts to send and how frequently to send them. The text will assist in boosting ones chemistry and rapport in a way never experienced before.

7th Module
The “Prepping the Soil” module explains “Best of Relationship-Texts.” You will learn how to create text including your best memories of your ex by sending them to captures the ex’s attention. This is considered the most awesome tool for re-engaging the ex for encouraging communication.

8th Module
The “Green Eyed Monster” module explains how to utilize jealously in a constructive manner.

9th Module
The “Planting the Seeds” module explains “Intimacy Enhancement” texts that can be used to summon pleasant memories that make the ex’s heart go “pitter-patter.”

10th Module
The “Reaping the Harvest” module focuses on the significance of intimacy in the relationship. This module also includes ways to utilize intimate memories to impress the ex’s mind with emotions and get them back.

11th Module
The “Texting Steady” module instructs how to reinstate the lost “chemistry” in the relationship by texting-steady. It creates a stronger and closer relationship than before.


The program is best for those who believe they have a “genuine connection” to their ex and believe that the cause of the breakup can be mended.


The “Text Your Ex Back” has helped more than 10,000 individuals get their ex’s back. If you want the system to work, you must follow the program to the letter. It may not be for everyone, but one never knows until they try!

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