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What Men Want In Women

Women are often confused when they try to determine what men want in women. Men often appear to send mixed signals. However, a lot depends on the man.

Some men are only interested in casual sex. All they’re interested in is the thrill of the chase. It’s all just another game to them, with bonus points awarded for scoring with a woman who’s physically attractive. While it’s theoretically possible to develop a relationship with this type, it isn’t easy.

Some are immature and others have been burned in a past relationship. It’s important to determine which category he fits into. If he’s immature, he may grow up with the passage time. If he’s been burned, he may decide to take a chance on you if you play your cards right.

The casual type can be identified by both attitude and behavior. If he consistently seeks out the most attractive woman in the room; if he is easily and often distracted by any attractive woman; if he seldom calls any girlfriend after they have sex-these are all signs he’s only after one thing. You can get his attention by adopting “the Look” that says you’re likely to give him what he wants without a battle. You might get dates, but you probably won’t get a relationship.

On the other hand, many men are just as interested in a stable long-term relationship as you are. They’re just looking for the right woman. So do you have to play old-fashioned games like pretending to just love football when you really don’t? No.

In fact, it’s less important to guess what he likes than it is to make sure you aren’t what he doesn’t like. Most men don’t like possessiveness or jealousy-especially if it’s unfounded. It’s important to remember that men are often distracted by the visual-if all he does is notice a pretty woman now and then; you probably don’t have anything to worry about. They like to be trusted, but not taken for granted. They like a sense of humor, and they like to be treated with respect. By listening closely and watching, you’ll learn his pet peeves (things you should avoid doing).

See, what a man wants is what I call ferocious tenderness. You see, he wants a woman who is ferocious enough to protect his heart and tender enough to allow him to protect yours. This is what I mean. Men walk around and we act like were tough; we act like we’ve got it all together. But we long for someone who knows that we don’t and who is okay with it. We want someone who can say, Baby, its okay and who can protect us so that we don’t have to feel like we are invincible.

Most men seldom talk about “feelings”. Long before he says “I love you”, he will begin to show his love for you. You just need to recognize the signs. For example, if he puts new windshield wipers on your car, it’s a way of taking care of you. If you tend to be insecure, don’t expect constant verbal reassurance of his feelings. Try to follow the Golden Rule: treat him like you want to be treated.

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