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Why Do Men Cheat On Women They Love

It’s hard for some women to believe that a man can cheat on the women they love.  Well, the answer is yes a lot of them can.  I’ve known plenty of guys who are in love with their wife or girlfriend, but have no problem having an extra marital affair or relationship.  Some people way there are two type of guys when it comes to cheating, ones that do and ones that haven’t had the opportunity to cheat.   I know it seems kind of strange, but it’s true.  The reasons vary why.  Some men cheat because they know there are no consequences for getting caught.  In all likely hood their girlfriend or wife will take them back.  Other guys justify it because they have needs that they think are being met at home.  Although it’s not true, but a lot of guys think they will never get caught because they are so smart.  As long as they are taking care of home, they should be able to do whatever they want.  It also speaks to how men can compartmentalize a relationship.  What they have with their wife and or girlfriend is special and the affair is nothing more than a physical relationship.  The other woman doesn’t really matter, it could be anybody.  Just the flavor of the month type of thing.  To be honest men aren’t really wired to turn down most advances.  Most men who are faithful don’t let themselves be put into those type of situations, because by then it’s too late and they physical desire takes over.

Monogamy is very unnatural and a foreign concept for most men.  Why do you think it’s so hard for them to commit?  The thought of being with only one partner during their lifetime or at any one time is beyond comprehension.  There is always that doubt is she really the one or as soon as I commit Mrs. Right will walk into my life.  Plus there is the fear that no matter how great the relationship is, as soon as you commit she will change and stop doing the things that make the relationship so wonderful.

Another question that always comes up is how many men cheat on their wife and/or girlfriend.  Well that number probably varies.  A very high number of men will cheat on their girlfriend because they don’t view that as a truly committed relationship.  That number probably drops down to half when you are talking about a spouse.  Most guys will try to honor the commitment of marriage, unfortunately a lot of men are very good at avoiding temptation.

That brings up another question, can men that cheat ever be faithful?  The answer is yes it is possible for a man who cheats to be faithful, although it is very unlikely unless you take certain steps to ensure his faithfulness.  Please take a look at this guide if you are ready to fight for the man you love.

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